Praying It Forward: The Power of Intercession

Authentic parish renewal is grounded in prayer. This course explores the power of intercessory prayer and offers a structured way to build a process for sustained intercessory prayer targeted at cultural transformation and renewal. In it you will receive:

  • The Key Characteristics of gifted Intercessors and How to Find Them
  • A structured process to form parish and diocesan intercessors
  • A series of professionally designed customizable bulletin ads in various sizes to stir interest in intercessory prayer events at your parish.
  • A downloadable Intercessor's Journal designed to help your intercessors keep track of what the Lord is doing through their prayer, as well as what He is prompting them to pray for. 

Course Curriculum Details

Praying It Forward provides Scriptural and Theological foundations for understanding the gift and reality of Intercessory prayer, as well as Personal and Pastoral application that help participants see this kind of prayer in the context of parish renewal. Using high-quality video and downloadable resources, participants can grow not only in their personal experience of intercession, but also in their ability to form intercessors as part of a larger pastoral plan focused on parish transformation.

 Module One -- Foundations

Lesson 1: What is Intercessory Prayer

Lesson 2: Intercession in the Old and New Testament

Lesson 3: The Role of Mary and the Communion of Saints

Lesson 4: Intercession and the Nature of God

Module Two -- Personal Application

Lesson 1: Intercession as Christian Vocation

Lesson 2: Intercession and the Charism of Intercessory Prayer

Lesson 3: Intercession as listening and discerning God's Will

Lesson 4: Obstacles in the life of an Intercessor

Key Downloadables:

Personal Intercessor Formation Plan

Intercessory Prayer Journal

Module Three -- Parish Application

Lesson 1: How to Identify Gifted Intercessors

Lesson 2: How to Form Intercessors for Parish Renewal

Lesson 3: Creating an Intercessory Feedback Loop

Lesson 4: Overcoming Cultural Obstacles to Intercessory Prayer

Key Downloadables:

 Professionally designed bulletin ads to stir interest in evening intercessory prayer events

Comprehensive Formation Plan for Parish-focused Intercessors


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